How Your Smartphones Have Connections with Secret Society

Friends, ever visiting a new place or connecting to the internet and suddenly you have received a notification from Google to review a place or give a rating? Or has it ever happened to you that you have searched something on your mobile browser and then later searches similar to this product started appearing on other social media? Surely this must have happened to you at some time or the other. But the question is how is this possible.

If you answer this in easy words, so Google, Facebook, and other social media companies are spying on you through your mobile phones. That is, your own privacy is not under your control. And we will learn about it openly in this post.

Friends, after the arrival of our smartphones, where we can reach the world through social media and there are many benefits as well. But this is also a reality, that the mobile phone in your hand is a great weapon of espionage that you always keep with yourself. It can not only spy on you for others, but it is also doing this without informing you today, and you are not aware of it. What are you searching for on your smartphone, what message are you sending to someone, where are you going, what are you talking on the phone, at what place and what pictures are you making? All this information is your smartwatch, smart TV, and smartphone recording in the presence of Attachment. And after that, it is very easy to sell all this data from your smartphone at any time through GPS, or satellite connection. According to the experience of Idea Expert, even if you turn off your GPS, this information is stored in your phone. Until it connects to GPS again, It can transfer your location and data anywhere through the connection of the mobile phone tower. According to the WORCH research, More applications installed in our mobile phones along with recording your activity, it also accesses your voice, photos, or storage. The proof of this is that the audio and video recorder of the mobile phone also becomes active as soon as you speak ‘Hi Google’ on Android and ‘Hi Siri on IOS. Most of the social media companies openly confessing to this and also include in their policy that for the market, it can show the search of its users choice according to its data. And this is the reason when you will write any word by typing anything on-call or on social media then after the similar search of that product will be seen by you.

By the way, it is designed for marketing purpose, but by selling your data to third party companies, this social media company earns billions of dollars from it. But at the same time, they also claim that all your data is safe with us and they cannot be misused. But you know it is not enough to just say, while the truth and its historical records tell us something else. While many such scandals have also surfaced in which not only your personal data has been sold to a third party rather the government can also use this data at any time. Not only can but also do. And now smart cars are also coming inside the market, after which it will become easier to keep an eye on every human being.

Google included this in its policy in 2017 that by tracking your GPS location, it can monitor your every activity and it is included in its policy. Meaning if you do not like this policy, then you should stop using this Android operating system. Because it is clearly written in their policy that they can access everything without asking you. In 2013, CIA of the American Intelligence Bureau; A named Edward Snowden, who works in it, researched that the American government is not only spying on its own people through smartphones without informing them and they are stealing all their information and their personal data.

Edward Snowden

He was said that privacy is the fundamental right of the people whom the American government is destroying. After this claim, an attempt was made to arrest him, but nowadays they are forced to take shelter in Russia. And he has been included in the list of the world’s most wanted people.

Apart from this, there is a lot of evidence that shows that Politicians, judges, lawyers, such software are using by them to monitor all this, through which America and another country not only can they get their privacy through satellite, but they can also keep an eye on it.

But let me tell you one truth, this is actually one of the signs in the last moment and according to which the privacy of any person will not remain in his control within the last time. And the eye that sees everything, or the eyes of Dajjal(Secret Society) will not only keep an eye on every human being in the world but will also control it. And today you can guess yourself how many people are safe from it.

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It is a mission to give you a taste of what goes on in reality. I serve unique content & facts which you never heard before. Read & enjoy

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It is a mission to give you a taste of what goes on in reality. I serve unique content & facts which you never heard before. Read & enjoy